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"The Dark Place" a Breakup Music Playlist

When A and I broke up there was of course, a range of emotions that one by one brought me deeper into a dark place. This is coming from a woman who is a constant optimist, I find the good in everyone, I search for positivity in each terrible situation or tragedy. The breakup really threw me off balance. I found myself in a mood that could only be matched with the equivalent mood in music. I Googled playlists to get through the hard moments and the self-doubting thoughts that constantly played in my mind, sort of like a movie with only a dialogue from one person. Me.

The playlists I found were mostly a compilation of music to make you feel better or to assure you that the person that broke your heart is an asshole and you’d be better off without that looser douche bag. I also found playlists that were more geared towards love and the romantic vibes that brought you both together, those were sweet. I dowmloaded many of these songs unto my Apple Music account and found some winners…actually I didn’t if I were to be completely honest. I needed something darker and more depressing. This was my first breakup that I actually cared about, that I actually felt something so I needed something disgustingly retched, morbidly dark, entrenched in pessimism with no way out. That way, I could properly mourn.

So below is the list that gave me the comfort I needed when I wanted to be uncomforted, to just to let my feelings flow through my body without judgement.

While alone, get into a blanket, put fuzzy socks on your feet and cover your entire body. In no particular order listen to the following songs. And wallow blissfully.

Alice Boman - Heartbeat

Frank Ocean - Bad Religion

Billie Eilish - i love you

Aquilo - Silhouettes

Safia Mafia - Nights Like This

Alice Boman - Skiss 8

Allman Brown - Between The Wars

Lund - Broken

Black Atlass - Something Real

RITUAL - Drown the Lovers

Lana Del Rey - Born to Die

twenty one pilots - Neon Gravestones

Kanye West - Ghost Town

You’re Welcome.



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