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Adult Boredom

Updated: Dec 29, 2019

There are things that I do everyday like look at my Instagram, pee, glance at myself in the mirror, eat and think about some of the same things I thought about yesterday. One thought that is always lingering is the point of it all. The time that is spent keeping up with the image we believe is being portrayed to the ones around us, being consistent in it to maintain our personality. For what? There are thoughts that we never say out loud and feelings we push down deep inside wondering if anyone notices, wondering if anyone will ask. Unlike children, adults are calculated with their words and emotions yet having no control over our thoughts. Exhausting. Being bored as an adult is this, being lost in thought, unable to rest the from the routine of adulting.

Remember in youth the wonder of everything kept life interesting, the dreams to tomorrow and the zeal of living forever. Boredom may have been uttered on occasion after school or on a lazy weekend but boredom was satisfying, and fleeting. Never ongoing. Agonizing.

But no worries, adults have a plethora of self-help and self-care to distract us from this. We consume everything that promises to hide this aching deep inside that we all share. No wonder we smoke so much pot. What are you using to hide the boredom of adulthood? Is it sex, food, social media? I’ve reached the point in this post where I don’t even know where I’m going with this, what is it that gives me these moments or sometimes days of these thoughts? It does concern me that with all I have going on in my life that I could find myself in this state of mid 30’s concern.

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